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Assessing with Purpose: Using Rubrics to Communicate Expectations and Priorities

Rubrics are a valuable tool for communicating high expectations, providing targeted feedback, and demonstrating learning priorities. Join Dr. Scott in this interactive session about creating rubrics that purposefully communicate your expectations and priorities. In addition to discussing the ways in which rubrics can improve transparency and feedback, participants will apply the elements of effective rubric… Read More



  • Devin Scott, PhD, Instructional Consultant, TLC

Writing Effective Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)


Last Updated:January 23, 2024 First Published:January 31, 2023   Multiple-choice questions inclusive of a question/stem, a key/correct answer, and distractors/incorrect answer choices are frequently used in health science education due to efficiency in grading and their frequent inclusion on licensing and board examinations. In addition to these advantages, Brame (2013) asserts that multiple-choice questions can… Read More

Effective Feedback and Evaluation: Best Practices for Improvement

Providing meaningful feedback to learners is essential for performance improvement. Feedback culture also plays a significant role in learner growth. In this session, we discussed best practices for improving feedback and feedback culture. Participants applied the ask-tell-ask model of feedback to relevant scenarios and shared their assessment and feedback top tips.



  • Amy Hall, EdD, Instructional Consultant, TLC
  • Devin Scott, Instructional Consultant, TLC