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What Inclusive Instructors Do: Principles and Practices for Excellence in College Teaching


Authors: Tracie Marcella Addy, Derek Dube, Khadijah A. Mitchell, Mallory SoRelle Published: May 13, 2021 UTHSC Library Inclusive instruction is teaching that recognizes and affirms a student’s social identity as an important influence on teaching and learning processes, and that works to create an environment in which students are able to learn from the course, their peers, and… Read More

What Inclusive Instructors Do

Dr. Addy provides an interactive session as we will explore the mindsets espoused by inclusive instructors, as well as the principles and teaching practices they utilize in their courses. Participants reflected upon their current instructional approaches and considered future opportunities. Note: Login with a UT NetID is required to access this recording.



  • Tracie Addy, PhD, Lafayette College

March 2022


Volume 5, Issue 1 In this issue: The Teaching Scope: Educating Students about Mental Health Teacher’s Toolbox: Using Equity Mapping Did You Know?: Learning about the Blackboard Ultra Conversion Pedagogy Podcast: What Inclusive Instructors Do Research Bytes: Connecting Students with Online Icebreakers