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Poll Everywhere and PowerPoint


Poll Everywhere can turn your one-way presentation into a two-way conversation. Presenters with Pro Account access can insert Poll Everywhere activities into their slide deck to actively engage their audience.

Sharing PowerPoint Decks via Zoom while still seeing your notes


A Zoom Share Screen feature that allows presenters to show presentation slides to viewers while their notes remain hidden from view. This is especially helpful when you only have one display for your computer.

Blackboard Course Roles


Course roles control access to the content and tools within a course. Each user is assigned a role for each course in which they participate. As Course Directors and Instructors, you can set course roles when you enroll users in courses. You can also edit course roles after enrollment.

Exam Question Types and Basic Creation Process


ExamSoft is an all-in-one digital platform for secure exams, and essential data needed to improve learning outcomes, teaching strategies, and the accreditation process.

In the creation process six types of questions can be used, including drag and drop, essay, fill-in-the-blank, hot spot, multiple choice, and true/false.

Poll Everywhere: What Activity (Poll) Type Should You Use?


Poll Everywhere is a web-based technology that allows audience members to engage in interactive presentations, polls, virtual classrooms, and other learning tools. It can be used anytime, anywhere (with internet connection) and on any electronic device.

Create diverse activities to maintain participants’ attention, gather powerful insight, conduct pulse checks, and hear from everyone in real time.

Blackboard: Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course           


Copying course materials into an existing course will add content to a course, but it won’t remove existing content. You can only copy materials into a course if you have the role of instructor, teaching assistant (TA), or course builder.

Item Analysis With Exam Soft: Do you know how your exam questions are performing?


Exam data provides students with important feedback, but exam creators can also use post-exam data to improve test questions and exams as a whole. The word “psychometrics” can be daunting to some educators, but ExamSoft’s item analysis report makes psychometrics easy. We provide an explanation of how your questions are performing and how to make them even stronger to assess your students more accurately.

Blackboard Learn (Original View): Where Do I Start?


We’ve compiled some tips and basic steps for novice Blackboard Learn instructors who want to learn how to create content in a course. We want to help you with the high-level principles and processes involved when you build a course from the ground up. As you work through this topic, choose what fits your teaching style and the needs of your students.

Downloading the Grade Center in Blackboard Learn


Blackboard Learn (Original View) allows you to download the whole Grade Center for a course, or selected columns, which can then be opened and worked on in a spreadsheet application such as Excel, and later re-uploaded into the Grade Center.

The Grade Center is an interactive grading tool that allows instructors to record data, calculate grades, and monitor student progress.

Blackboard Best Practice: Help Students Succeed


Now is an excellent time to evaluate whether students are on track to succeed in your course. Use Blackboard’s “Best Practices”, summarized below, to identify issues and provide an effective framework for success.