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Convincing Student Clinicians to Embrace Research


Structuring a research course in a way that captures the interest of student clinicians can be a challenge. Getting these students to embrace the importance of the research process and recognize its applicability to their future careers as health care professionals can be even harder. Recently, I assumed the responsibility of teaching a research course to students earning an entry-level degree into clinical practice. Using a combination of approaches, I was determined to impart to my students the soft and hard skills needed to appreciate, digest, and apply diverse, inclusive, and evidence-based science to their daily clinical practice. I will share what worked (and what didn’t) in my quest to move the students’ POV of the research course from an underappreciated to critical piece of the curriculum. Time will be made to hear others’ successes and failures in their endeavors to prioritize research in the minds of student clinicians.



  • Ashley Harkrider
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