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The Health Professions Educator: A Practical Guide for New and Established Faculty


Editors: Gerald Kayingo PhD PA-C and Virginia McCoy Hass

Published: August 28, 2017

UTHSC Library

This is the only book for new and mid-career faculty that delivers practical, evidence-based strategies for physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other clinical professionals teaching in advanced health provider education programs. The text disseminates interprofessional teaching and learning strategies that can be used across advanced clinical disciplines. It also features sample curricula and syllabi, lecture tips, evaluation strategies, and in-depth information about state-of-the-art technology and virtual classrooms.

Key pedagogical principles set a firm foundation for both novice and experienced educators, and practical applications and case examples offer concrete reinforcement. The text describes how to design and implement a curriculum that promotes cognitive diversity and inclusion, and examines ways to encourage leadership and scholarship. It addresses methods for fostering active learning and clinical reasoning through the use of technology, simulation, distance education, and student-centered pedagogy. Edited by experienced physician assistant and nurse practitioner faculty who are leaders in interprofessional education, the book distills the insight and expertise of top physician assistant, nursing, and physician educators and provides valuable tools that help faculty become effective educators in the United States and abroad.

Key Features:

  • Delivers cutting-edge “tools of the trade” for advanced health professions educators
  • Provides evidence-based strategies for interprofessional education
  • Describes key pedagogical principles for both beginning and advanced educators
  • Includes strategies to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the teaching environment
  • Weaves in practical applications and case examples
  • Offers strategies for faculty to establish and maintain work–life balance
  • Includes digital ancillary materials for faculty use