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I Miss My Chalk! Intentional Tech Integration to Enhance Teaching in the Health Sciences

Do you feel overwhelmed when navigating among the many digital tools available to enhance your teaching? Health science education is rapidly changing under the influence of external, as well as internal factors including ever evolving health care environments and an abundance of instructional technologies alongside curricular revisions. It can be challenging for the educators of… Read More



  • Nicole House, PhD, Educause

September 2020


Volume 3, Issue 1 In this issue: The Teaching Scope: Cultivating an Online Teacher Persona Teacher’s Toolbox: Micro-flipping Your Class with My Mediasite Did You Know? You can turn a WORD doc into a webpage… Pedagogy Podcast: Teaching Effectively with Zoom Research Bytes: An asynchronous video lecture has its advantages…  

July 2018


Volume 1, Issue 4 In this issue: The Teaching Scope: Using the LMS Teacher’s Toolbox: Rev Recall with Quizlet Pedagogy Podcast: Thinking Outside the LMS Research Bytes: 85% of faculty and students… What’s Next?: Mediasite Learning Series  

May 2018


Volume 2, Issue 3 In this issue: The Teaching Scope: Intentional Assessment Teacher’s Toolbox: Punch of the Padlet Pedagogy Podcast: Academic Integrity Online Research Bytes: 96% of college students…