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Teaching for Learning: Evidence-based Instructional Strategies

The research on teaching and learning in higher education is better than ever. Studies are being done in nearly every discipline and field imaginable and on many different instructional strategies and techniques. These studies have much to offer our understanding about how to improve student learning. Evidence-based teaching has finally arrived, and indeed it is… Read More



  • Claire Major, PhD, Professor, Education, University of Alabama

Interpreting Student Ratings of Instruction (Student Course Evaluations)

This workshop discusses best practices for interpreting student ratings of instruction (SRI). Guided by the latest research on student ratings of instruction, participants contemplate the role of SRI among other indicators of teaching effectiveness. Following that, participants apply the Filter-Interpret-Plan model to sample SRI and will develop a plan to leverage their own SRI to… Read More



  • Devin Scott, PhD, Instructional Consultant, Teaching and Learning Center

March 2022


Volume 5, Issue 1 In this issue: The Teaching Scope: Educating Students about Mental Health Teacher’s Toolbox: Using Equity Mapping Did You Know?: Learning about the Blackboard Ultra Conversion Pedagogy Podcast: What Inclusive Instructors Do Research Bytes: Connecting Students with Online Icebreakers