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Exam Soft Prep Checklist


October 2022


Legacy Portal: ExamSoft 101 – Exam Checklist

Policies & Administration

  • Ensure that your exam day policies are in place.
  • Communicate testing locations and dates with your exam takers.
  • Determine and communicate your practices for make-up assessments.

Prepare Students

  • Review courses and exam-taker rosters for accuracy.
  • Instruct Exam Takers to complete Examplify installation and registration.
  • Create/administer mock exam to address technical issues beforehand.

Prepare the Exam

  • Create assessment questions. 
  • Create and post the assessment.
  • Instruct students to download assessments. 

Prepare Your Proctor

Print a paper copy of the assessment (just in case!). 

Provide the proctor with:

  • Assessment password
  • Universal Resume Code
  • Exam-Taker Support Line number: (866) 429-8889

During the Exam

Ensure that all exam-takers have successfully uploaded the assessment.

  • For on-site assessments, require all exam-takers to show the proctor their green upload confirmation screen. 
  • For on-site or remote assessments, check the Exam-Taker Activity tab in the ExamSoft portal for answer file upload/import times.

After the Exam

  • Run reports.
  • Release results to the exam-takers as appropriate.