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April 2024


Volume 7, Issue 1 In This Issue: The Teaching Scope: Impacting the public through research, teaching, and engagement Teacher’s Toolbox: Using peer assessment techniques Did You Know?: Tips to improve live polling participation TLC Corner: TLC Summer Olympics Pedagogy Podcast: Teach students how to learn Research Bytes: End of term: Wrapping up a course effectively… Read More

Technology for Inclusive Learning

Do you struggle with picking the right technology to use in your teaching? Do you want to find ways to engage all learners in your course? Technology for Inclusive Learning helps faculty identify technology that can promote inclusivity in their teaching environments. The goal of the session is for participants to use a student-centered lens to select effective… Read More



  • Jennifer Stewart
  • Kelly Jo Fulkerson Dikuua

Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments


Authors: Derek Bruff Published: February 17, 2009 UTHSC Library Teaching Online: A Practical Guide is an accessible, introductory, and comprehensive guide for anyone who teaches online. The fourth edition of this bestselling resource has been fully revised, maintains its reader-friendly tone, and offers exceptional practical advice, new teaching examples, faculty interviews, and an updated resource section.… Read More

Remembering and Forgetting in the Age of Technology: Teaching, Learning, and the Science of Memory


Author:  Michelle D Miller  Published: April 1, 2022 UTHSC Library Human minds are made of memories, and today those memories have competition. Biological memory capacities are being supplanted, or at least supplemented, by digital ones, as we rely on recording—phone cameras, digital video, speech-to-text—to capture information we’ll need in the future and then rely on… Read More

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere engages audiences through live polling, surveys, word clouds, and other activity formats. Learn how to create polls, embed polls in PowerPoint presentations, upload responses into the Blackboard Original View grade center and more. Learning Outcome Create activities and results reports Connect participants from LMS to Poll Everywhere Launch activities during Power Point presentations… Read More

Blackboard Original View

Blackboard Original View provides the traditional workflows and depth of functions for which Blackboard Learn is known. The Introduction to Blackboard Original View Seminar reviews instructional tools that can enhance student learning and save time for educators. Learning Outcome Design and manage online courses in Blackboard Original Course View. Instructor Jennifer Stewart, MPS Suggested Time… Read More

Blackboard Ultra View

The Ultra Course View has simplified workflows, a modern look and feel, and a fully responsive interface on all devices. This seminar will provide you with the information and best practices to start building and preparing your course in Learn Ultra View. Learning Outcome Design and manage online courses in Learn Ultra Course View Instructor… Read More

November 2022


Volume 5, Issue 3 In this issue: The Teaching Scope: Interview with Dr. Joe Swanson: Teaching Strategies for Didactic and Experiential Courses Teacher’s Toolbox: Using Educational Videos in Your Classes Did You Know?: Using ExamSoft Longitudinal Analysis for Tracking Student Performance Pedagogy Podcast: ‘Demystifying Group Projects’ Research Bytes: Text Messages as Nudges  

Choosing the Right Academic Technology For Your Learning Goals

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Choosing the right tech tools for your teaching means making strategic choices, weighing costs against payouts, and staying laser-focused on your course goals. technology needs to earn its place in your classroom by providing tangible benefits, and it has the best chance of doing that when it targets… Read More



  • Jennifer Stewart, MPS

July 2022


Volume 5, Issue 2 In this issue: The Teaching Scope: Using ePortfolios to support student learning Teacher’s Toolbox: Digital Whiteboards Did You Know?: Evaluating Course Workloads Pedagogy Podcast: How to Engage on Social Media Research Bytes: Benefits to Beginning Class with a Visible Agenda