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Inclusive Learning


Last Updated:
October 16, 2023

First Published:
April 12, 2022


Inclusive learning has become an umbrella term to describe practices that support learners from a variety of backgrounds. Inclusive learning boosts educational achievement by providing learners and educators with tools to co-create learning experiences, to heighten cultural sensitivity, and to personalize the learning experience. Inclusivity can be achieved through attention to creating an inclusive climate and through using inclusive pedagogical strategies. Some of these strategies include incorporating learner-centered activities, using diverse images and texts, and ensuring your course materials are accessible.

Use the comments section below to let us know your ideas about inclusive learning.

  1. Create an inclusive climate by using icebreakers, anonymous surveys, and games to get to know your learners.
  2. Use Microsoft’s Accessibility Checker to evaluate your PowerPoint slides or word documents for accessibility.
  3. Utilize NameCoach to learn the correct pronunciation of your learners’ names.
  4. Incorporate Open Educational Resources (OERs) into your courses to reduce cost.