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In This Issue:

  • The Teaching Scope: Helping students address imposter phenomenon
  • Teacher’s Toolbox: Useful software for tackling teaching administrative tasks
  • Did You Know?: TLC’s Celebration of Excellence
  • Pedagogy Podcast: The Science of Retrieval Practice
  • Research Bytes: Active Learning: Gaining student buy-in

In this issue:

  • The Teaching Scope: Using Simulation as a Teaching Tool
  • Teacher’s Toolbox: Active Learning Library
  • Did You Know?: Using Poll Everywhere Activities to Engage Learners
  • Pedagogy Podcast: Preparing for the First Day
  • Research Bytes: Confusion, A Symptom of Learning

In this issue:

  • The Teaching Scope: Finding your big rocks as an educator
  • Teacher’s Toolbox: TLC’s Resource Pages
  • Did You Know?: Using Qualtrics to design an interactive syllabus
  • Pedagogy Podcast: Rethinking office hours
  • Research Bytes: ChatGPT: Using AI in teaching

In this issue:

  • The Teaching Scope: Interview with Dr. Joe Swanson: Teaching Strategies for Didactic and Experiential Courses
  • Teacher’s Toolbox: Using Educational Videos in Your Classes
  • Did You Know?: Using ExamSoft Longitudinal Analysis for Tracking Student Performance
  • Pedagogy Podcast: ‘Demystifying Group Projects’
  • Research Bytes: Text Messages as Nudges

In this issue:

  • The Teaching Scope: Using ePortfolios to support student learning
  • Teacher’s Toolbox: Digital Whiteboards
  • Did You Know?: Evaluating Course Workloads
  • Pedagogy Podcast: How to Engage on Social Media
  • Research Bytes: Benefits to Beginning Class with a Visible Agenda

In this issue:

  • The Teaching Scope: Educating Students about Mental Health
  • Teacher’s Toolbox: Using Equity Mapping
  • Did You Know?: Learning about the Blackboard Ultra Conversion
  • Pedagogy Podcast: What Inclusive Instructors Do
  • Research Bytes: Connecting Students with Online Icebreakers



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